Wartime Farm

My comments written down as I watched the ‘Wartime Farm’ series.
I was quite disappointed as the other Farm series were quite brilliant and rather authentic, but it seems things didn’t work out so good this time.

  • Starts badly, like all shows these days they insist on showing you bits of stuff yet to come, I don’t want to see that!
  • Peter really should have had a haircut, the 1940s were famous for their short-back and sides haircuts.
  • Stupid plastic ear tags, I don’t understand why those can’t be removed, they do it for films, but I guess a TV show isn’t reason enough, not sure how that works as I know it is the law to have those tags on animals these days.
  • Ruth her hat and coat look a bit too modern.
  • Poor Ruth, her hair explodes the second she removes her hat, that hairstyle must have been falling apart all the time.
    As someone who wears a 1940s hairstyle a lot, I think this may have to do with either using a lotion that isn’t strong enough or not enough and not strong enough hairpins.
    Regular hairpins don’t have much power but there are also stronger ones available.
  • Peter his greatcoat just shouts ;”We couldn’t find a proper coat for him”.
  • Lady comes over to help out, nice blue outfit, but modern glasses.
    In the previous series they just brought experts in who wore their modern clothes, if I’m not mistaken.
    Now they try and dress everyone in costume.
  • It really wasn’t a good idea to bring outsiders into the show that are half sort of 1940s dressed, it is confusing.
    I think it might be better to have these people either perfectly dressed up or just in modern clothes.
  • Some reproductions look a bit like they are just leaflets printed out on regular modern paper.
  • Henry the dog is fantastic.
  • They seriously had some sort of costume department failure.
    For some reason or another they not only ended up with wrong, too modern clothes, but with also very few.
    I keep seeing people wearing the same bits, like they only had 4 outfits for the entire year.
  • Those are the sorriest bunch of POW’s I’ve ever seen.
    I had no idea the Germans had a special Hippie – Beatnik unit with long curly wavy hair…
    And one of them is a woman.
  • It was nice to see Alex sing and make music, but I think some of the extras at the party could have looked better.
    Again the outfits and haircuts could have had a little more attention.
  • Perhaps its just cynical old me, but I’m also tired of all the fake ‘improvisations’ and ‘spontaneous’ situations.
    Hey I got a good idea, lets have a VE day celebration!
    Yes its not like the entire production team and crew have already been preparing this scene for months….
  • The idea behind the show is great, the stories are interesting, but when it comes to the general look,  it seems like they put a little less effort into the details as the previous shows anyway.
  • The party at ‘Wartime Farm’ could have been better.
    Lots of 1950s influences and of course everyone is swinging, jiving and Lindy hopping…
    Most people, especially in the countryside and those no longer in their teens, would have danced much more common dances such as waltz, quick step, etc.
  • But regardless of any mistakes made in the show, the general look of the outfits and hair is the worst.
    Especially because all the shows this team made before were so brilliant.



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