24 hours in the past, episode 1

Going to watch ’24 hours in the past’ now, no idea what to expect but I love these shows, even the bad ones, so I’ll be entertained.
I had the idea for this exact show years ago, wonder if I can sue someone.
The idea of the show is; put ‘celebrities’ into a historical setting for 24 hours and see how they manage.
The beginning is bad… because like every #@)(*$^$&%^& show these days they feel they have to ruin the episode by putting spoilers in front of it.
When will they quit doing that?
So annoying, have to skip the first one or two minutes of everything now.
But here we go, ready to do some time travelling….

Commented on this show live as I was watching it.

  • The trailer is stupid.
    What is this? A crazy victorian themed comedy?
  • I only know 2 of these people.
  • They claim they ‘created a living, working Victorian town’.
    Did you really?
    So you didn’t just ask permission to film in an open air museum and stuffed it with extras?
  • Although life for most Victorians was probably hell compared to that of us spoiled rotten modernos, within 5 minutes having someone say its all going to be squalid, stinking, etc.
    Reminds me a bit about people calling the Medieval era that and that wasn’t all black and white either.
  • Already getting very frustrated with some of the contestants, the way they react to even the idea of having to wear something that’s been worn before… spoiled rotten.
    I do like the idea of them choosing from a pile of clothes, although of course this will be staged a little because they must be sure they all have something to wear that fits.
  • What a coincidence, a custom made corset found on the pile….
  • Even as the Victorian lowest of the low, they still look better than they did in their modern clothes.
  • Hand in your modern tech… now theres a staged scene…
    Yes I am sure they all took off ALL their clothes, put on the Victorian clothes… yet somehow managed to keep their mobile phone…
  • That moment they walk into town… ah gives me goosebumps.
    I’d SO love to do this.
    Why isn’t this the way some openair museums work?
    Welcome at the entrance, here are your clothes, bye.
    Full immersion, its magic.
  • Nice to see Ruth again, but adding a bit of education takes away from the realism of the experience, tell the real history facts to the viewers but not to the participants.
    Don’t let the scrapyard owner have a chat with them in the middle of a well lit street, let them first find him and beg for a job.
    Less tv, more experiences
  • Those streets sure are a mess… almost as if a tv production company neatly spread that out…
  • I don’t know enough about the subject, but those dustbins look a bit dodgy.
  • I do like that they give two modern women a carpet to beat and they end up getting it covered in mud.
    Well done.
  • This is a bit too much like a contest, yay, fun daytime tv for bored housewives, which celebrity did best at some silly task….
    And they get a penny for ruining a carpet?
  • The boy has the right idea, he nicked a carrot
  • Widecombe was right, that young man was stupid.
  • I don’t know who that boy is, but within 20 minutes, he has stolen food, lost money gambling, is covered in filth and has injured his hand.
    I’m starting to like him.
  • I like their lodgings but their wooden plates look a bit IKEA.
  • I love that the landlord is a bastard who blackmails them.
  • Oh the Widecombe was allowed to bring her modern glasses?
  • I don’t mind the tasks and competition and so on, but make it feel more real and not like a little contest!
    Push them in general directions in a more subtle way.
    And no need to keep score, just get the foreman to tell the lot that the person who does best gets an extra tuppence or something.
    I also feel 24 hours just isn’t enough, make it a week.
    And next week get another group of people.
  • Anyway, conclusion, pretty decent show, entertaining, will watch again!



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