24 hours in the past, episode 2

Below you can read my random comments, posted as I was watching it on tv in May 2015.

  • I’m looking forward to this episode although 24 hours is not enough, they should do a week per episode and perhaps use different ‘celebrities’.
  • Why o Why does EVERYTHING these days starts with previews of what is coming next?
    Stop it with those spoilers, we’ll see it as it happens!
  • Oh they are working in an Inn, interesting!
  • Oh nice Victorian mascara…
  • Splendid outfit Ruth Goodman.
  • Fantastic location, wonderful building, well decorated.
  • What is wrong with this silly woman?
    She’s been in this project for a day or two and she goes mad about a hairbrush…
  • And why not deal with dead animals?
    I used to be a vegetarian, love animals, support animal rights, but this is a historical experiment, when I was asked to do the same, but with a PIG, I just did it and got it over with.
  • They are useless in the kitchen?
    Allright, FIRE THEM.
    No food, no lodging, not a penny for them.
    Let’s see how long 24 hours last if you refuse to work.
  • I don’t know this Tyger chap, but secretly like his cheeky way of dealing with his situations.
  • Girl can’t even strike a spark?
  • Gutting a fish… shocking traumatic experience… I did that when I was a child… and I grew up in the city!
    (Wo)man up!
  • God, must have been fun to be one of those guests.
  • Modern day people have such problems with just serving people, knowing their place.
  • Ha, love it that the customers are getting Tyger into trouble.
    Evil people!
    No justice, better get used to it sunshine.
  • That yard is VERY bright, the tv crew could have done better with their lights.
  • Ruth’s hat is impressive.
  • Same light problem in the kitchen, there should be just a few candles, perhaps an oil lamp, but it has clearly been lit by the tv crew so we can all clearly see whats happening.
    I’ve worked in tv and film, I know they are scared things get too dark, but the result of that is often that things end up too clear.
    This kitchen should be darker, the dark evenings add to the historial atmosphere.
  • Ha, they don’t even understand straw beds.
  • Those diaries are a great idea.
  • Widecombe, there is nothing heroic about gutting a fish… it is doing your job and getting on with things without being a wimp about it.
  • No wonder modern people are so spoiled if we think gutting a fish is a heroic experience.
  • Oh dear Tyger is sick, probably cholera.
  • Widecombe has a real problem knowing her place. can’t say I’m surprised.
  • No real competition element this episode, I see this as an improvement.
    Having tasks and challenges is too much quiz show nonsense to me.
  • Really enjoying this insight in how coaching Inns worked, the speed, excitement, etc.
    Interesting stuff.
  • The woman causing such a fuss about clearing rabbits is now cutting heart and liver without even mumbling…
  • Widecombe should have been fired… several times.
  • Finally she gets what she deserves.
  • I like how this episode shows that stress and speed is not a modern day thing.
  • The end!
    Another splendid show, rather liking it.
    Looking forward to next episode, I may do another ‘live’ review then.



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