24 Hours in the Past, Episode 3

I kept a running commentary on the Historical Reality Television Facebook page and I’m sharing it here;

  • 3 minutes of spoilers and reminders of the previous episode…. when will they stop doing this, it is so annoying.
    Skip, skip skip.
  • I wonder how Widdecombe will deal with the birth of socialism…
  • Another amazing location, they’ve found some splendid museums for this show.
  • I hope we get to see lots of horrendous child labour.
  • Wages paid at the pub…
  • Hahaha Widdecombe is too old, no work for you.
    Fun for us viewers, pretty horrendous for an elderly real Victorian lady.
  • I love that one doesn’t get paid because someone else didn’t do their job properly.
    Quite an eye opening to our spoiled modern folks.
  • I like the impressionist’s emotions, I think they are genuine.
    He realises what we’ve lost, how far we’ve come in a good and bad way.
  • Still dislike the competition element, this idea of seeing who did best.
  • You can see how important the pub was to our ancestors, the only moment in the day when you could relax and entertain yourself.
  • And well done on the lads doing the evening job.
  • If the Victorians had ‘Health & Safety’ laws, there wouldn’t have been an empire.
  • A trouble makers want worker’s rights! Here we go, progress coming!
  • Oh dear… they can’t pay at the pub hehehe...
  • I like how the tv show keeps piling trouble onto them.
  • Poor chaps, working late into the night by the fire just so they earn what the rest just spend on food and drink down the pub.
  • How amusing, Ann Widdecombe being all excited about the workers getting rights.
  • I hope they get truly unfair treatment from their boss, worker’s rights were not earned after one afternoon of workers disagreeing.
  • If only Ann had this experience before she had become a politician.
  • I hope the boss just fires them and a bunch of poor people come running to take their place.
  • Ha brilliant, everybody OUT, love this.
  • I would have loved to see the army being send in to kick them out.
  • No work, no rights, no pay, no food.
  • Another great episode, looking forward to the next episode! The workhouse, I hope it is going to be even worse than I can imagine.



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