24 Hours in the Past, Episode 4

Another episode of ’24 hours in the past’.
In the workhouse… lovely!
If this was a holiday camp, I’d spend a few days there.
Imagine that, a Victorian village where the public gets to dress up and experience history…

I only made a few comments, as I watched;

  • Fantastic, they found an semi-authentic solution to safety goggles.
    I HATE it when they go wimpy during these shows and actually care about their health and so on but alas, it is probably law or it just wouldn’t be such a good idea to damage a celebrity.
  • I would like to see what would happen to high and mighty full of morals Widecombe if this lasted another week or two… see what happens when she gets really hungry…
  • Have to say, I am rather respecting Ann Widecombe in this episode, much to my own dismay.
  • “Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral!”
    Bertold Brecht
  • Go on Ruth, tell Ann.
  • I disagree with picking a ‘winner’, but if there was one, I would have picked the boy.
  • The impersonator got it, we did lose a lot, but we also gained a lot.
  • Great show, I hope they make more.




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