Time Crashers, episode 1

Going to watch ‘Time Crashers’.
Sounds exactly like a show I made up a few years ago but of course never copyrighted or send to anyone.

The time travellers are stripped of their celebrity status and plunged into 1588 to be servants in a great manor house. They receive a crash course in Elizabethan etiquette, deference and servitude.

Comments posted as I watched the show live.

  • Modern women… freaking out over some dead animal related kitchen work.
    Its not like they’re told to kill puppies and kittens or something.
    I did pig-to-tiny-pieces-cuttery back when I was a vegetarian!
    And not a pip from me.
    I can understand people being upset about it, but woman-up for god sake, especially if there is a camera in your face.
  • Elizabethan is not my era, but the women’s hairstyles are not very authentic.
  • Health and safety ruining another potentially bit of tv god by making sure celebs don’t cut their fingers off.
    Making them wear those chain mail gloves is ridiculous, but if you’re forced to use them in the show, why not get some bigger leather gloves to go over them?
    At least those would look less out of place.
  • “hierarchy is a slap in the face, they get a nicer life than us”
    Well duh.
    Isn’t it great that we no longer have that?
    That teachers get paid more then footballers and that your boss at the office doesn’t get more money than you for less work and…. oh wait…
  • “oh I feel so worthless”
    That’s because you are, you’re a servant.
    Do your job, stop moaning, thousands would kill to do your job.
  • The main hall looks familiar, is that the same one they used in Blackadder I?
Timecrashers Elizabethan

Clockwise around Table: Meg Mathews, Louise Minchin, Zoe Smith, Kirstie Alley and Fern Britton


One thought on “Time Crashers, episode 1

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