Time Crashers, episode 2

Watching episode 2 of “Time Crashers” and must say I am not impressed.
I love the idea, the setup.
It is exactly like a tv show idea I’ve had decades ago but never did anything with.
In my version though, all the camera would be hidden and the contestants would get no missions or tasks, except one; survive.
However if you don’t pick interesting celebrities, it becomes hard to enjoy the show.
And these celebrities do nothing for me.
They have also chosen for the same group of celebrities every episode, a missed chance because using new ones would be more fun but I guess it was difficult to find volunteers.
I think this show would have worked better with regular people, more like the viewers.
I bet this would have been more interesting if we’re dealing with a family, seeing children go trough some of these things.

And although the locations, sets and extras look good, the celebrities somehow didn’t get as much attention or perhaps refused to play along.
Because in episode one some of the women clearly had modern hairstyles (like ponytails) and in episode 2 the women for some weird reason are cross dressers.
Just so they can be squires they now have to be men.
I think it would be good to show the role of women in such a camp, even if that meant their jobs are less exiting or entertaining.
Seeing them dressed as men is just silly.
Did someone say Bob is a strange name for a girl?

They clearly just wanted a joust in the show and then forgot all about how to actually make that into a proper Medieval background for their vips.
The groups they use are generally good, I know Ruth, I know The Tudor Group, I know the Destrier group, they all know what they are doing.
Shame they were in some cases no not more involved in getting the vips to do something useful.

In short, fun idea, good use of Living history groups, things look decent, but silly tasks and less effort put into the celebrities looks is not doing it any favours.

And do keep an eye on everyone involved so the little modern details don’t ruin the illusion…
But well done on making the reflection of the camera tea fuzzy.
Or at least don’t use it in the final edit!


Smart! Blurred the reflection of camera crew on helmet.


Dodgy glasses

Time Crashers, photo copyright Channel 4, Wall to Wall productions.

Time Crashers, photo copyright Channel 4, Wall to Wall productions.


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