The 1940s house today

What a shame.
Remember The 1940s House?
One of the best historical reality shows as far as I’m concerned.
Well this is how that absolutely WONDERFUL house looks like today.
It seems that some idiot has ruined, I mean modernised it.

17 Braemar Gardens, West Wickham, location of the Channel 4 TV series “1940s House” which sought to recreate living conditions in a SE London suburban household during WW2.

For some years after the series was made, the house retained its green painted front door and garage gates.

Inevitably, however, some modernisation was required, and this is the house as seen towards the end of the year 2014.

Photo and text by Flickr user roger.w800

Movie / TV Location: 1940s House (Channel 4)


One thought on “The 1940s house today

  1. Roger needs to do his homework before making a fool of himself! The house was white & modern looking before Channel 4 painted it to look old in 2000, the house is back to white & like the others in the street…


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