Time Crashers, episode 3

Another episode of Time Crashers, a show that although it has lots of issues, is still entertaining.
This time the Edwardian Country House edition.

It’s 1913 and the time crashers are servants at an Edwardian stately home that hosts a shooting party

Typical how much it bothers modern people to be seen as “invisible” or “not important”.
They somehow fail to see that they are just members of staff in a company, sure it may look like you live in a house and work for a family, but you should compare it to working at a factory.
Nobody cares about your name at most jobs today, they just pretend.
You’re just a servant, a tool.
How often do you show your microwave gratitude?

How sad that the story of Emily Davison, who died at the races, is completely unknown to the ‘celebrities’.

Whoever is in charge of the ladies hairstyles should be fired.
Or maybe be more forceful when dealing with unruly celebrities.
So far they’ve all looked pretty horrendous.
This is NOT The hairstyle for Edwardian maids.


Zoe is a wimp.
Glad she’s fired.
As it should be.

They are upset their names don’t matter, that they are all called Jane.
You have to imagine you’re working in a factory or big company, not a house.
Do you think anyone at your current job, if you work in an office or factory, really knows your name?
Do you think the CEO of McDonalds would know your name if you weren’t wearing your name badge?

It reminds me a lot of The Edwardian Country House, of course but it amuses me how many contestants in similar shows automatically just use the front door and get in trouble for that.
It wouldn’t even enter my mind.

Another nice episode though, better than the last one.



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