Time Crashers, episode 4

Another Time Crashers episode, this time a Georgian show farm.

It’s 1796 and the celebs are Georgian farm workers. The men must ensure the farm and animals are scrubbed and spotless ready for the Viscount’s visit, while the women are busy baking.

Everything looks pretty good, costumes, hair, etc.
Wonderful location (Shugborough historic estate) and this time they get to do some wonderful work.
I can speak from experience; making cheese, bread and working in the country the traditional way can be wonderful.
It is nice to see them realise how great it is to work together and achieve something in stead of all the work we do today that pays the bills but in the end doesn’t actually create something such as bread.

Interesting to hear about the dresses of kitchen maids catching fire.
It must have been the linen aprons and sleeves, because I practically stood in fire with a untreated woollen dress (15th century model) and it barely singed.
Still, even Georgian clothes could handle fire a lot more than our modern synthetic clothes though.

Nice to see that a modern ear tag on a bull was again made fuzzy.
I like that they at least try and hide those few modern details they couldn’t get rid of.

Seems like it was a wonderful experience for most of them.
Nice episode.

Next episode about the Victorian fishing industry, will probably be quite rough.

Timecrashers - Georgian

l-r: Greg Rutherford, Charlie Condou, Keith Allen, Jermaine Jenas and Chris Ramsey


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