Time Crashers, episode 5

Episode 5 of Time Crashers, this time they are Oyster-men and their wives.

It’s 1885 and the celebrities are in a Victorian fishery where they have to fulfil a huge order for Billingsgate market, but the conditions are harsh and the work is backbreaking.

Sounds good, this will be tough, hard work and no nonsense, something some of our “celebrities” may have trouble with although they should have been getting used to history living by now.
They look good, lovely costumes.
Shame about all the subtle and not so subtle innuendo flying by, but fun to see them paired up as couples for a change.
Tarring the boots a nice historical detail.
Nice to see them sail with the wonderful boats.

The celebrities seem to be adapting to proper, real, hard, dirty work.
Nice to see them deal with the raw fish without screaming and causing a scene.
But a shame about the plastic lining in the barrel they put the fish in.
Mmhhhh smoking kippers… delicious!
I wish we had smell-o-vision.

The lunch seems… interesting.
But lovely to hear it tastes delicious, time to bring back fishes unmentionables for food!

Nice to see the men on the boats fishing without life jackets, you never know what kind of silly rules Health & Safety sets up these days.

Not so sure on the strict rules of women not being allowed on boats.
I’m sure that generally everybody back then agreed on this rule in theory but in reality people had to do whatever it took to survive and there are many examples of women doing work they weren’t supposed to be doing throughout the ages.

And goodness me, they are bad at rowing.
That boy is a bit of an idiot.

Shame the chips weren’t delivered in nice Victorian newspapers.

But wonderful to see them so happy, enjoying their hard work.
And those old photographs made at the end of the episode were stunning.
Oh and PS, Victorians did smile in pictures.

Next week; The Iron Age!



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