Time Crashers, episode 6

Another Time Crashers episode.

The Time Crashers land in AD 43 where they face their toughest challenge yet by creating a Celtic feast in two days before they return back to 2015

This one in the Iron Age, not as exciting as the other episodes.
Not because of the era, but we’ve seen this one done so many times before.
I like that one of them was obsessed with cleanliness but got over that nonsense after his time travel experiences.
It is interesting that once more people are having trouble making a simple chicken meal and risk poisoning everyone, just like in the large Iron Age living history reality show a few years back.
Silly to see them pluck chickens and throw away the feathers.

And how daft to see Fern giving up because of some chicken.
If you’re so obsessed about not daring to feed raw chicken to someone, just refuse to do so, don’t walk off.
I’ve been there, done that, didn’t run.

Strange how they say that sleeping on straw is uncomfortable.
They must be doing something wrong because I’ve had some of my best night’s rest on straw, in a smoky iron age hut.

Nice to see the chap be voted the bravest, time travel does indeed make a man out of you.

I missed a nice Roman Raid in this episode.

Nice to hear what they all feel about their experience, they did learn a lot.
And yes, it is the best way to learn history.

One thing that really disappointed me in this episode is the light.
I know it isn’t easy to film in the dark, but it can be done with some effort and experience.
The massive light installed into the huts looked silly.
There is a wonderful atmosphere in those dark huts.


Anyway, end of the series, quite entertaining and better than I expected when it began.
I wouldn’t mind another series.



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