Back in time for Christmas, episode 1

As Christmas is approaching fast, let’s go and watch ‘Back in time for Christmas’.
The Robshaw family, who we have seen before in ‘Back in time for dinner’, are going to celebrate Christmas in a different decade every day.

We’re off to a bad start, almost 1.5 minutes of spoilers to skip or try and ignore with eyes closed and fingers in your ears.
What on earth are tv makers thinking, by giving away the upcoming bits, you could ruin the show.

The first Christmas takes place in the 1940s and what a wonderful house they’ve found to record this experience, although I’m not so sure about the fireplace and having a wireless set in the living room AND on the night stand AND in the dining room seems like a bit much.
Most families just had one wireless, I guess the collector who’s house they are using got a little overexcited.
Can’t blame them, 1940s radios are fantastic.
I’m not so sure about the ladies hairstyles, putting it up would make more sense, especially when doing the household and why is the son not wearing shorts?
Dad could have done with a better coat and suit, I’m not impressed by the costumes.
So, there is a war going on!
The asbestos snow is a fun detail.
Seeing the family in the morning with their hair all in order and makeup on somehow doesn’t remind me of our christmas mornings.
There is a lot of makeup in general, I know it was a woman’s duty to look wonderful and keep moral up and so on, but in reality makeup was rationed too and often saved for special occasions.
Which Christmas dinner would be, but christmas dinner cooking would not.
And maybe I’m old fashioned, but having your teenage daughters walking around the house wearing makeup when there isn’t even a special occasion just seems a bit odd.
But modest, handmade gifts are indeed touching, much nicer than just a big pile of expensive plastic stuff.
But ehm…. Santa… how did you manage to give away a 1948 sixpence during WW2?
The ox heart looks quite good, but Christmas dinner feels more like Christmas lunch as it isn’t very dark.
Good idea to have dad be called away for home guard service, it does make you think.
Ruining the pudding is funny but wouldn’t have been in wartime.
Not sure why the family gets dressed to go into the shelter during an air raid.
Bombs are falling… better get your nice hat, put on a coat… take your time… well at least they got their gasmasks.
Nice to see a proper shelter and make us spoiled modern people realise that some Christmases were spend in shelters with bombs falling.
The sound of those sirens gives me goosebumps to this day.

Right, on to the 1950s!

Clothes are a bit better and oddly enough it seems like the son now has had a proper haircut, I wonder why he didn’t have it in the 1940s.
And dad has a much nicer suit that also would have been useable for the 1940s.
There is a lot of wild free hair amongst the ladies, putting it up, especially while going to church, would seem more fitting.
Nothing beats spam… nice to see that Mrs. Robshaw still doesn’t get along with can openers.
The 1950s collector who’s house they used for this chapter is also suffering from the radio collection addiction, radios everywhere.
Peaches on ham… sounds interesting.
Trolley scene was amusing.
The gender roles being laid bare is a bit depressing, luckily many families were a little less black and white and men helping out with washing up were not as uncommon as it sometimes seems.
Oh and that bakelite tv is superb but what is that modern looking black box with blue lights under the cabinet… wink emoticon

Now the 1960s… when life got better but also uglier…

What a house, its massive.
And everything about the decorations being fake and plastic fits that era.
Just so wrong.
Christmas morning once more celebrated in bright day light, somehow it doesn’t feel like morning… because it probably isn’t…
Nice to see cigarettes being given as presents.
And a chocolate smoking set, those are fantastic.
And yes dad, I WOULD so buy that for a child these days.
Tried to find chocolate cigarettes the other day, very difficult.
Nice to see dad being so jealous of his son’s super gun even though he wouldn’t feel comfortable with buying it today…
Goodness I long back to non-PC Christmases.

In the next episode things will get better in many ways but also even uglier.



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