10,000 BC, season 2, episode 8

The second series of 10,000 BC is well under way, I’ve not reviewed previous episodes in depth but for the new blog, I’ve decided to pick the show up here.

Even though the show is still a bit too much soap opera/ Big Brother for me and has plenty of room for improvement, it is definitely better than the first season.
I am not sure why some rules have relaxed or why suddenly has become possible to push the contestants a little further, but it has made the show more interesting.
In the previous season for instance the contestants were given modern shoes yet in the new season, suddenly they are wearing much more authentic looking footwear and now and then they even go without shoes.

But generally, things really could have been harsher.
I mainly say this because I’d seen ‘Naked and afraid’, an American survival show were people are literally thrown into the jungle without even clothes on their body, and the 1970s and 2000something tv show or even the current ‘The Great Human Race’ show.
If even Americans dare to risk being sued by putting people through hell without any clothes and not pulling them out till they actually get dangerously sick, a tv show filming in Bulgaria should be able to push things a little further.
Or maybe it is just the contestants who moan and complain and threaten to go home if they don’t get shoes…

Anyway, the show has improved but still the contestants get their water from an artificial source, teaching them how to make fresh water out of a natural spring or even the lake, is, I assume, either too much work or not allowed by some Health & Safety wimp.
I’m not sure I’ve even seen the current contestants make fire by the way.

Although they aren’t wearing modern shoes this series, they are carrying around modern water containers to keep them hydrated.
Which is a shame, lots of nice things were made for the show and it is clear that they’ve used some experts who know what they are talking about.
The huts look great but it is all a mixed bag.
The bow for instance is clearly modern made or at least not stone age era made.
I myself owned a replica of a 14th century English longbow and even that one didn’t look as sophisticated as the one in the show.
The arrows are fantastic though, proper stone tips.

Anyway, let’s have a look at today’s episode.
Thank you for the warning channel 5, I’m always surprised at how much people seem to swear these days.

Even though I am not very interested and sometimes even get bored and annoyed by the drama the contestants bring to the show, I must admit rather liking George.
The previous episode he already showed that he was a proper gentleman and all around good bloke.
When he talks, I listen.
When most of the others talk, moan or chatter, I get bored.

The hunters return after 3 days, without any food.
Revolution, coup, war!
The modern version though, not stone age…
I think I would have preferred the old fashioned way of settling such things… fight over it!
Modern people talk too much, all that debating about feelings and so on…
Just punch each other, last man standing will be the new boss.
Mind you, to be fair, we don’t really know how such things were sorted out back then, they may have had very long discussions as well.
I just imagine there was a bit less talking about emotions and having a cuddle.

Anyway, new boss, good idea.
I would have voted for George.

Finding a dead fish, that is a bit dodgy.
Glad they are just eating it though, no wimpy stuff here.

The two tribes are getting along all right most of the time… I think the production team secretly hoped there would have been more tensions and even a little war.
And some viewers may have felt the same.
Call me a cynic, but I wonder if perhaps the production team threw that big fish in the water… and tried to cause some more frictions…
I would have!
Either way, it made me think of our real stone age ancestors, getting lucky and finding something delicious and trying to hide their feast from the neighbours across the field…

Very nice to see a dark, grainy, semi-infra-red scene shot inside one of the huts.
So many of these shows can’t help themselves and put big lights everywhere so you can see what is happening, even though of course, it completely ruins the atmosphere.

Quite impressed with the hunt.
I am not sure it went 100% as we see it in the show, an arrow in the backside probably didn’t instantly kill it and even if it was a deadly shot, it would not match the ‘humanely dispatched’ message mentioned all the time.
Either way, regardless how it happened, it is quite impressive and brave for such a tv show to actually have this happen.
I am sure they’ll get plenty of complaints about it.
And although killing an animal for a tv show is something to be frowned upon, this is history, this is how it happened, not a bit will (or should) be wasted and as most modern people eat meat several times a week and no longer consider it the luxury it should be and have never killed their own animal and get squeamish if their meat is not neatly packed in plastic and no longer recognisable as what was once a living being, I don’t think people in general have a right to get too upset about this.
Had these contestants stayed at home in 2016, their diet would have been responsible for the deaths of far more animals, not to mention that those animals probably would have grown up in horrible battery farms, etc.
So well done for not avoiding this bit of history and reality.

I’m also impressed with how grown-up they are all behaving and how well they are butchering it with just some bits of flint.
I’ve once cut a (dead) pig apart once as part of a living history display and it is not an easy thing to do.

A shame that the crew did use some lights filming the night scenes here.
It should have been very dark, just the light of some fire perhaps.
They could have perhaps faked it with warmer red and light lamps or at least by using less bright ones.

Unfortunately this hunt also brings the tribes closer together, still no war!

Cooking on ambers is great, impressed again how they don’t moan and whimper about that.

People may think it a bit soft and modern hearing the contestants talking about respecting the animal for giving its life so they can eat, but I think this is quite close to reality.
I remember seeing a documentary about one of those African tribes who still pretty much as they lived many thousands of years ago and in it one of the hunters killed an animal and once it was butchered and every usable bit was taken from it, the remains were placed on the edge of the forest, where it was killed and the hunter thanked the animal for its gift and told it it could now go back to his family and back into the woods.
Quite a touching ceremony.




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