New show coming; The Slum

Wall to Wall productions, the team behind some of the best Historical Reality shows out there, has started casting for a new show called ‘The Slum’.

I quote from their website;

The search is on for families/couples/siblings UK-wide to live, work and make ends meet exactly as the Victorian poor would have done.  You will be expected to find work, master old trades and sell their wares in order to put food on the table and to make the weekly rent.  PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT AN ACTING JOB.

Do you have a traditional trade that could be put to good use?
Do you lead a comfortable lifestyle and would you like your family to experience the reality of life for millions of Victorian children?
Would you like to experience the struggle that your ancestors once lived? They may have been from industrial cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, York, Birmingham etc.

Sounds fantastic, I’d love to take part but alas, I’m not living in the UK.

If you’re interested, check out the website by clicking here and apply, deadline is March 1st.



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