Pioneer Quest, a year in the Real West, episode 2

Episode 2, the new couple will arrive soon.
The young couple are not waiting, work needs doing.

Nice to see the girl stick her skirt in her belt, rather shocking for the Victorians you may think, but looking at old sources, you’ll find women doing this as far back as Mediaeval times.

Ploughing looks easier than it is, a hard lesson.
And at night the horses escape.
Next day they are both suck.
They sure have a bad start, unbelievable.
But this is a good preparation for the rest of the year I reckon.
Awful for the participants, but as someone who used to be involved in making television, I also feel the stress and pressure this all is bringing to the production team.
But I don’t think the crew has to be too scared.
This couple is strong end determined, they clearly are not quitters.

And here is the rain…

And here is the couple, missionaries, who are leaving their kids behind, one of the being just 15.
Teenagers can be annoying, but not seeing your kid for a year?
Why not bring them along?

Not sure about those dark blue rain cloaks, they look a bit modern to me.

The new couple, especially the chap, are a bit too excited for my taste.
But I’m sure that won’t last very long.

The stove doesn’t look very Victorian either, not cast iron, more like a modern camping stove.

The couples are getting along very well and suddenly lots of work is getting done so they are hard workers.

Mud, dirt, hard working, little sleep, burns, blisters, scars… excellent.

I understand the young woman’s frustrations, not wanting to follow the traditional ways and being the housewife, but just not being able to do the hard work the men do.
I too would not have wanted to do too much of the cooking and cleaning and would have preferred to chop wood and so on.
But unless you’re a proper pioneer woman who would have been used to that kind of work, you sometimes just have to step aside.
Won’t be long for the women to get stronger though, simply cooking on fire involves lots of sawing of wood, growing muscles all the time.

Video diaries are fun, I wish the real pioneers made some for us.

I like how they’ve already realised that hygiene is so unimportant when you’re in the bush trying to survive and building a homestead.
A shower once a week sounded bad and gross to them, but now it sounds of a luxury.

Seeing them build a wood log cabin is fascinating, and this is only for the animals.
Can’t wait to see the house be build.

Onwards to the next episode.






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