The Big House, episode 2

Having just seen episode 1, I have little faith in this show.
Mostly because of the horrendously cheap and not very authentic costumes, but also because of the many modern things I’ve already seen in the first episode.
Nevertheless, here we go.

2 minutes of spoilers and intro to skip…

I see the building has electric light, so I am guessing we’re near the end of the Victorian era, early Edwardian.
The clothes aren’t much help.
I’m shocked to discover that the lovely old coal furnace… seems to work on gas!
That is… quite unusual.

At least the fireplaces are authentic… so let’s make a nice fire in the dining room with… wait what, is that one of those modern firelighters?
You know, a square block of compressed impregnated wood or something that you use for your barbecue…
Not to mention that that box of matches is modern too…

This show isn’t even really trying.
Food packaging in the kitchen isn’t even old fashioned while it really is not that much effort to put these things in non de script brown paper bags or glass jars, if you can’t be bothered to reproduce old labels…
This is just laziness or lack of ingenuity and imagination.

Apparently we’re cooking mid to late 18th century food… what?
Why is this Edwardian household making recipes from 200 years ago?

Well sadly, now the “experiment” has actually begun, it has become clear that the show doesn’t really care about how the participants look.
We have the awful (and odd) fake sort of Victorian outfits with their wacky bonnets and they are wearing their modern ugly glasses, not to mention their hair is as modern as it was when the show began.
Finding authentic or at least authentic looking glasses really is not that difficult.

Everything is so fake, they aren’t even bothering.
The lord of the house sleeps on a bare mattress with some sort of modern throw as a blanket…
Servant didn’t have a shave.
Newspaper brought to the lady is a modern one, her maid isn’t wearing a cap, nor corset, nor authentic outfit.
Oh it seems, the lord and lady aren’t going to bother dressing properly at all.
Nice golden wristwatch butler.

Still not sure why they are having an 18th century dinner in this Victorian/Edwardian/fantasy house.

Oh, nice modern AGA cooker.

The historical background is interesting and important, but there is just too much of it, it takes too long.The women wear make-up and jewellery, the modern type.The footmen have to polish boots and shoes… modern ones.Cooking in modern pots and pans..More modern wristwatches.So I guess they are really going for the 18th century… which makes the show even worse.Even for an addict of these shows, this is getting pretty hard to watch.
Never the less, I shall finish the series, so, onwards to episode 3.



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