The Big House, episode 3

Here we go again, not looking forward to this.
They just didn’t bother putting in a lot of effort getting things right in this show.

Not even 5 minutes going and we see a nice modern bright red broom.
You can get a more authentic wooden one for a few coins at any local store.
Was that too much bother, or was the budget really that small?

Best part in the entire show.
The lady telling her story of how one day she told her master that him being late for dinner meant she was now missing her dance club.
The master telling her to get her coat and go to the front door, but she didn’t get fired, he gave her a ride in the Jaguar to the dance club.

Time to do some 18th century cooking… on a modern gas stove, the AGA cooker… and with the use of lots and lots of silver foil…

And I wonder why the laundry maid is doing the laundry in a rather nice, what appears to be, upstairs room… with her modern glasses.

More history, the potato famine, amazing, something everyone should know, of course.

I like the historian who reminds us that although the rich kept having opulent parties during the famine, there were also rather impressive catholic churches being build…

Nice to see the double level bread, I remember from the Victorian Bakers tv show.

One (of the few) things about this show that is authentic, is the hard work an how the servants would be exhausted but still would have to keep working.

Next time, the grand finale.





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