Pioneer Quest, a year in the Real West, episode 6

We pick up the story in the middle of a very harsh winter.

The dog is loving it, of course.
I guess their parents left it with them, which is something that sort of happened without been given any attention to.
A shame, because adding a dog to the scene changes a lot I think.
Not to mention that he will become a lovely little bedwarmer in winter!

The kart is being turned into a sled, interesting!
And it is wonderful that the original antique found at a local farm fits so perfectly on their kart.
Beautiful, I’d love to be on a kart sled in a proper winter like that.

I love how one of the women does the hunting with a rifle, even though she sadly uses her modern glasses.
She’s a good shot too!
Not squeamish at all and so proud they did it without the guys!
Proving yourself in such a situation becomes a big deal.

Sewing day after day, growing that woodpile to get them through the winter.
We know they’ll get wood from the production team in an emergency and they wont freeze or die of hunger.
But I reckon it all feels real enough to them and they’ll want to do it properly, authentically.
So work continues.

Eek, the radio announces dangerous frostbite conditions..

I love that the homestead is opened to visitors for one day, bringing school kids into the adventure for a bit.
Whatever makes children appreciate or get interested in history is good!

Oh dear, medical emergency.
Tim needs help, chest pressure.
He is not right, even though he clearly tries to hide how badly he really feels.
I appreciate that he doesn’t want to be sick, that he is stubborn and wants to carry on.
Stoic, that is the word, something quite rare these days.
But when doc tells you to get to hospital, you go to hospital.
Especially if he tells you that in the 1870s, he would  probably have died.
It seems serious, he may have heart trouble
At moments like this, everything stops, of course.

I love that his wife wants him to come back even if he has a serious condition, offering to do the work.
They will not leave.
She knows how much it means to him and now, also to her I think.
At first I was not so sure about her, but I’ve gained a ton of respect for her.
That is the settlers spirit.

But, will this be the end?
Saying you’ll refuse to go is something else than actually refusing.
And of course if the production company sends them home because of doctor’s orders, there is little they can do.

But after 8 days, he is giving the all clear and is allowed to return home, the pioneer’s home.

I know Canadians don’t say Eh all the time… but when they do, I can’t help smiling.

It is minus 35 degrees Celsius, a cold we here in Europe can only dream of these days.
This makes the show extra interesting as for many viewers, such a winter is unheard of.
The ice flowers on the windows are stunning.

They are getting very cold, trying to keep the winter out and the heat in is their new challenge.
I’m not seeing any blankets covering doors though.

They seem to have a very clear well now, not sure how that works as earlier wells were not clean enough and there was talk of using a neighbours fresh water.
What is going on there?

Deanna Treadway tells us she loves the winter more than the summer and that it may sound crazy.
It so doesn’t, I know exactly what she means.

Christmas, the 1870s style.
Wonderful, handmade presents.
And neighbours bringing some wonderful Scottish atmosphere to the celebrations.
Can’t help thinking of all those people complaining about immigrants not integrating… while here we have descendents of Scottish people who have been living in Canada for over a century or even two, still playing the bagpipe, eating Scottish food, drinking Whisky, doing the traditional dancing…

Next episode!



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