Pioneer Quest, a year in the Real West, episode 7

Time to see how the homesteaders are doing!

Life is slowing down, even getting boring.
In winter there is of course not much to do but sit indoors and wait.

Of course in the real 1870s, this long break would have been welcome.
And many chores and jobs would have been saved for these long evenings.
There’d be a ton of things to make and repair.

The cow is allowed out and is clearly loving it.
Such fun to see her become more like a pet than just a cow.
This will make saying goodbye harder of course.

Oh and now they have a cat now!
Well that should make the evenings a lot more entertaining.

I so enjoying Deanna Treadway saying how much she loves the farm life, I so didn’t expect that when she first joined the project.
Wonderful to see her so in her element now.

Quite shocking to hear that Tim would have died pretty quickly if he had not had his medical care.

I’m impressed to see the dentist come around with a Foot-powered dental drill.
A shame Tim isn’t volunteering to have it actually used.
I would have!
You can always change your mind when it hurts too much.

I love how when the generator for the modern drill is turned on, the other participants truly hate the noise it makes.
We live in such a noisy society these days that we forget what a quiet life is actually like.
Till the noise returns.

More information on the wells, they appear self build and work well.
Did the water in the ground clear up or something?

The food looks delicious, but that fork not so 1970s.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 04.34.13.png

Oh wonderful, they are going to bake bread.
After just having enjoyed ‘Victorian Bakers‘, I’m now more than usually interested in bread making.
And that bread looks delicious.

I love how creative they are getting, making such wonderful things.
That chair is superb, and that bench!

And they rediscovered reading, real reading, the classics.

Winter is coming to an end.

Straw beds, when made well, are so comfortable!

A shame that the production team makes a common mistake in these shows; too much light.
I know, it is scary and difficult to film in the dark and you fear you may end up with something too dark to show, but risk it.
This scene would have been wonderful with only the oil light or at least a lot less light.
Now you can clearly see there is a big tv light in the cabin.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 05.03.51.png

Life seems so wonderful for them now.
Hard work, sure, but also peace, clarity, creativity, nature, simple pleasures and friendship.
I’m jealous.

On to the next episode, the end of the project!



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