Pioneer Quest, a year in the Real West, episode 8

The last episode, called ‘Going Home’.

They already know they’ll be missing a lot and don’t seem to be looking forward to returning to the modern world that much.

They really got settled in and used to pioneer life.
It is almost a shame that they are going home, it seems that they’re now really becoming pioneers, another year would be so much easier for them.

I love how they are storing so much in every corner and under the floor of their cabins.

The thaw is flooding everything.
Time to eat everything before it goes off.
Of course then suddenly frost and snow returns!
Nature can be so pesky sometimes.

They can’t leave till the snow completely vanishes, so it is getting a bit frustrating.

I’m so impressed with the Logies, going to camp outside in a simple shelter with just a fire, in the snow.
Well done!
Pushing the pioneer experience another step in the right direction.

Nice to see spring return, must be so nice to live this close to nature.
Not easy, but wonderful nevertheless.

Time to say goodbye to the locals, wonderful, they made some very good friends.
The community there seems to consist of lovely people.
Time to empty the houses, very sad

Well, they made it to the end.
Very impressive, something to be proud of.

I can understand how Tim thinks, back to the rat race, that what he tried to escape.
Something I’d love to do myself.

They are sad about leaving, which is understandable and logical.
Most participants of these kinds of shows feel the same, one way or another.
They have discovered something in the ‘past’, that they loved and will miss back in the modern world.

I love that the cow is going to a petting zoo and thus will have a wonderful rest of her life in stead of returning to a modern farm or end up at the abattoir.

They are really sad about leaving and I’m sad with them.
But it is wonderful to see the neighbouring community come out to say goodbye, the whole project has had quite the impact on the entire area.

As often with these shows, a sharp, sudden confrontation with the modern world is fun and the most amusing.
Putting them straight from 1870 into a stretch limo, fancy hotel, fast food restaurant and sending them to a supermarket, is entertaining.
Even though clearly they are feeling a bit uncomfortable.
So funny that they are being treated like a celebrity.
It seems that many Canadians have really been enjoying the show.

The wonderful violin music is more than I can handle at such a sad moment.

Once more I compliment the production team for being honest and open.
They leave the part of the press conference in where they disagree with how the show was edited, giving a little bit too much attention to the tension between the two couples, making it seem they didn’t get along as well as they did.

They promised to stay in touch, but, I had a little sneak peak at their facebook pages and it seems they aren’t facebook friends at the moment.
Mind you, it has been 15 years since this was filmed.

A modern bed, a wash in a big bath, a tv, what a strange experience that they are loving but also kind of disliking at the same time.

Seeing the cabins empty and abandoned is so sad.
I wonder what they look like today, if anything is even left.

One thing always strikes me, is that when the participants go back to their modern selves and look like your average up to date person… they don’t look as nice as they did ‘in the past’.
Even with the dirt, grime, messy hair, dirty nails and old fashioned clothes… I still feel they looked cooler and nicer than they did as modern people.
But I guess that is just because I’m a history addict.

The show has now ended, but much to my pleasure they’ve made one extra episode, a conclusion.
Which I’m looking forward to.



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