Back in time for Christmas, episode 2

I was going to watch this during the holidays, obviously, but just didn’t have the time.
So a little later than expected, here is episode 2 of ‘Back in time for Christmas’.

I rather like the participants, the Robshow, they are really getting into the spirit of things while still making a few silly mistakes now and then, making things more entertaining for the average viewer.

In the first episode we saw the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
As our modern brains apparently lack the ability to remember anything, we’re shown bits of what happened in the previous episodes.

Time to move into what is, for me anyway, living memory.
So although the 1970s are officially the ugliest era EVER, it also may bring some fond childhood memories back.
Regardless of that, the clothes, hairstyles, design and decorations will probably damage your eyes.

And yes, it looks horrendous.
Literally EVERYTHING is ugly.
So I guess the design team have done a good job.
I love the mum more and more.
She tells the boy he can’t have an an ‘After eight’ because it wasn’t after eight yet, something that always annoyed me as well.
If something is called ‘After eight’, you eat it after eight!
And she threatens to smack him, which is brilliant.
She won’t, the production team wouldn’t let her even if she wanted to, if it happened it probably wouldn’t end up on tv anyway.
But it is such a big deal of being a kid back then, I wonder if one day we’ll see it happen.
Of course with modern health and safety laws… so first aid team on standby… psychiatrist ready…. and one slap, followed by lots of talking about emotions.

Babycham is for babies, hahaha brilliant, another good one mum.

The oil crisis and economic troubles weren’t a big deal in my country, I don’t think we had power outages, we did have car free Sundays, but unfortunately I don’t remember them and I don’t think my parents were ever cool enough to take me roller-skating or cycling on the highway.

Freezers and frozen food were never part of my life, we had a freezer compartment in our refrigerator, but never a proper big freezer filled with lots of stuff.

Letting the kids make their wish-list with the help of old catalogues is a nice idea, wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of that.
Seeing the old footage of little children asking for such modest gifts is adorable but also depressing.
I can’t help being annoyed with my own generation and pretty much every post war generation for wanting so much and actually getting it.
We’re all so spoiled.
And the footage shows us kids who want noting more than a pencil sharpener, a dolly or a sewing set.

Looking at the house, it seems they can afford a big Christmas this year.
It sure isn’t a working class place!

We never had artificial trees in my house but they were generally rather garish, 1970s or not.
Can’t help getting a little melancholic seeing this 1970s family decorating their tree and room.

Music time, as ugly as the 1970s were, you can’t deny that there were some ‘rad’ and ‘groovy’ tunes.
Seeing the family dance is funny, regardless of the horrific colours everywhere.
They really should have had a warning in this episode; purple and green trousers coming!

The waking up scene is of course faked, no it is not really 7:01 on Christmas morning, no they are not really asleep, not the camera crew did not sneak into the bed room, set up the camera and just wait for them to wake up.
They didn’t even bother making it seem like it was still dark outside!

I know, I should stop saying how ugly everything is.
But those pans… dear lord.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 03.44.52.png

Ha, I also had the little dancing girl in a music box.
Not at all a suitable present for me, I wasn’t very girly at all, much more into boys toys, but secretly, I rather liked that music box.
I rather liked battle ships, I remember being impressed with the massive plastic version my nephews had.
The gifts all seem like a lot of fun.
Rubbish, plastic, will break soon kind of gifts, but fun.

Deep frying avocado?
That is something I’ll have to try.
We loved avocado at my home and of course we had their pits balanced on sticks over water, waiting for some sort of plant to grow out of it.

I wish they tried to fool us a little less or a little better in this show.
When they woke up it clearly was not morning, when they are having their Christmas meal it is obviously not evening or even late in the afternoon.
Every scene is very bright, it all looks like it was filmed in the middle of the day.
I would at least have shut the curtains.
Then again, I think in England many families have their Christmas meal during the day.

Time to watch television, for most of the 1970s we had a black and white tv, but we weren’t as posh as this family.
I miss the waiting for the tv to heat up.
I remember sitting there staring at the little dot, often already having the sound but no image yet.
Especially when I was late for one of my favourite shows, like ‘Dick Turpin’, ‘The Muppet Show’, or reruns of ‘The Avengers’, I’d be so frustrated waiting for the tv to show me what I wanted to see.
Often swearing, threatening or begging it to hurry up.

Time to push the time travel button and move on to the 1980s!
Again, a time in my life I remember well.
But once more we do not get a little glimpse behind the scenes, showing us how the production team brings the house into the 1980s.

So much beige.
Ah the VHS recorder, a double tape deck, we had those.
I remember the Kiwi being new and exciting, to be fair, I still think they are.
And I never quite could imagine how someone once figured out you could eat them.
They are hairy!

The fake Christmas trees are wrong, have always been, even in the 1980s.
The fashion is still atrocious.

Of course I remember seeing the footage from Africa back then, also because it was when children’s news began in my country.
The children make a very astute observation; this kind of news is still on the tv in the modern day, nothing has really changed, we’re powerless.

We didn’t think that back then, I guess we were a little less cynical back then, we tried Band Aid, we bought the record, we fed the world… a little bit.
Imagine if back then we would have known that today millions are still starving of hunger.
The boy, Fred, makes more very observational comments about how things worked.
He’s a smart lad, the whole family is quite smart and often rather witty and likeable.
Well cast.Oh my god, a Commodore 64!
We had one of those, but not this flashy crème version.
We had the fat brown one.

So far no mention of the cold war.
This was a big part of my growing up in the 1980s.

Off to the 1990s.
Which really is so recent in my memory that it is going to be difficult to be really interested I fear.
Liking the Spice Girls calendar though.
Oh and here is the old Apple computer, things are moving fast.
Sadly the 1990s just aren’t very exciting.
They weren’t that interesting while they were actually happening but also not that brilliant to see recreated for a historical reality show.
I remember the 1990s, they happened yesterday.
I’d rather have the 1950s toys, not bought, not a pile of them, but every single one of them with so much more meaning behind them.
Nice to hear mum agreeing with me, not surprised to hear the kids disagreeing with it.
As a kid you just want the best toys and lots of them.
But they did like the idea of gifts having more of a thought behind them, I guess a 1980s Christmas where everyone just threw piles of gifts at each other isn’t quite what we want either.

Time for the Epilogue.
Always nice to hear how the family have learned from their experience, it has added an extra value to how they celebrate their holidays.
True of course, you need to know your past to appreciate the present.

Thank you for the fake snow production team, I know the realistic looking kind is a bit too expensive 😉

My personal conclusion;
I love the show.
Not original, nothing new, but the family is great and generally the ‘time travel’ is done well.
Of course it was only a short Christmas special, probably filmed in just a couple of days, which really is not enough.
I don’t like the presenter much, he isn’t very funny and doesn’t add a lot to the show.
He is not horribly annoying either but I wouldn’t have missed him.

I miss Christmas.



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