Back in time for the Weekend, episode 2

Time for the Ashby-Hawkins family to travel in time to the 1960s in this second episode of ‘Back in time for the weekend’.
Just another excuse to send modern people back in time, but it doesn’t matter, any excuse will do!

Off to the 1960s… after 1.5 minutes of spoilers!

The interior of course looks a lot worse than it did in the 1950s.
Here are the horrid colours, the freaky patterns, the cheap looking flimsy furniture.
According to our presenter a machine that blows hot or normal air is completely useless…
I really dislike this talking to the person sitting to the side of the camera.
I know it feels weird to talk straight into the camera, to address the actual viewer, but I can’t help wondering and sometimes even shouting at the tv; “Who are you talking to, I’m over here!”.

Say what you like about the 60s, but they had some cracking tunes.
So at least our ears will not be as sad as our eyes this episode.
Here comes the family, oh crikey, the fashion is horrific.
The fabric just shouts synthetic.

The kitchen looks groovy but I am pretty sure that both the cooker and the fridge are not 1960s but modern appliances with just a sort of ‘retro’ look.
Such a shame they couldn’t find real ones.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.18.30.png

That is one swanky television set.
Very sad to see the piano go, but no Giles it was not the main source of family entertainment, they had a wireless and record player!

Sad to be reminded of all the old houses being demolished and replaced by ugly concrete boring soulless buildings.
Disgusting seeing people destroying pianos and I completely agree with mum, destroying it is awful and wrong.
It shouldn’t have been done, not even for the tv show.
What a waste.
Idiotic beatniks, stupid 1960s, silly production team.

Because the project is short term and the family doesn’t spend a lot of time in each era, I think they won’t really notice the difference between pre and post TV era.
In other shows and of course in real life, people really noticed how this little box changed their lives completely, not always for the better.

On the first evening the TV is already causing friction.
Golly, I’m not sure the teenager would have gotten away with talking to her dad like that back then, even if it was the 1960s.

I understand mother wonders what the kind of 1960s life had in it for her.
But on the other hand, running a household was a career, a proper full time job.
Many women, although of course not all, would have found pleasure in being house-proud, having the perfect house to show off, making that perfect dinner for when your husband’s chef comes over, or simply managing to make a new and interesting meal for a grateful family.
Of course it is an individual thing, but I can feel proud in finishing a wash (by hand) or cleaning my floor with carbolic soap.
Getting it done can be an achievement that brings pleasure and content, to a certain level.

I love the idea of dad and son messing with the car, of course, being a modern woman, I also would love to see mum and daughter get involved.
But the idea of having a car you, with a little help, can fix yourself as it has no computer chips and all that modern lark, is wonderful.

Time for a day to the seaside!
Back when that was enough.
Today people fly to far exotic countries and don’t even consider this to be a luxury or decadent.
Loving the Super8 camera.
I wonder if they got a real one, with actual film and that they had it developed.
Or if they cheated with a modern camera hidden inside the old one or that the old one was just there for show and they just put a snazzy little retro filter on some regular modern camera footage.
Their day out is very funny, so nice they still have a pleasure park like that and granny is fantastic.
And chips in a proper old newspaper, the way they are MEANT TO BE EATEN.

The boy, sorry he has a name, Seth, makes a few very astute observations.
He realises that in modern times he would normally not spend such length of time with his family and if they did, they’d all be on their phones.
Without those phones the only other option is to have some actual fun with your family.
He is right, what a sad state the modern world is in.

A little bit more background on teenagers, once more it is suggested that before the 60s they weren’t really a ‘definable identity’ of them, no market for them, no things for them to buy.
I disagree with that.
We did have all those things for teenagers in other era’s, for instance the 1920s.
Remember the flappers?
The only thing that was really different in the 1960s was the scale.
More teenagers than ever before suddenly had money and free time to do all those wild and crazy things the generations could only do once a week or if they were middle and upper class.

I love seeing Daisy and her friend listening to records in her room.
That is very 1960s and I’m sure a very recognisable scene for those who were young back then.
But even the portable gramophone wasn’t something new Mr. presenter…
Even a couple of decades before teenagers could get their hands on a suitcase model and do the Charleston to some jazz music wherever they wanted.

I’m not sure why mum is upset about being home on a Saturday night.
I guess I’m rather boring and my parents were rather boring, but we rather enjoyed being home by the television in the evenings.
We rarely went out and if we did it was just to the pub.
I remember being kind of relieved when me and my friends reached that age when we no longer had to go to clubs and dance to loud music all night.
I hardly ever go out and I don’t even have a family at home.

Seeing footage of ‘Do it yourself with Barry Bucknell’, is painful.
Those wonderful houses being totally destroyed renovated, all those beautiful features hidden away or removed, it breaks my heart.
I love that the production team is now telling dad Rob to do the same to his stunning 1930s fireplace.
Of course it is only temporary and nothing is really destroyed.
But it shows how insane the 1960swere… replacing a wonderful art deco ish fireplace with a wooden flat boring box… and covering a nice panelled door so it will now look like a dull flat cheap door.
Just because everything wasn’t ugly enough I guess…
There was so little respect and love for the thing I care about the most; the past.

And once more father and son share a moment, doing this DIY togeter, such a lovely bonding experience.
Thanks mum for being honest, it does look ugly.
Well I guess that is the divorce set in motion 😉

I’m skipping the little video about the tower, I’m not interested in what Giles learns there.

A bit sad that a telephone box is such an alien thing to the children.
Wonderful to hear how expansive a call used to be, I’m allergic to everyone calling everyone all the time about everything.

Oh god, 1966, football stuff.
I hate sports with a passion, I’ll be skipping this bit.

Oh I love that teenagers could call a number where they had a song they could listen to in the phone box.
And I know I would have hated it had I lived back then.
Annoying kids with their pop music being silly in phone boxes!

Oh the fashion… the fashion… my eyes, my poor eyes…
Those very very short skirts… no knickers, just tights?
I’m shocked and appalled!
Too modern for me, even today.

More about how teenagers changed the world… nice but looking back at it and seeing how things didn’t all necessarily got much better, gives all those images of idealistic kids trying to make everything better a bit naive.
Quite a few old fashioned things were broken, destroyed for ever, in many cases this was progress and an improvement, but often it was also just sad.

Bingo always seemed like fun to me, not just an old ladies thing.
Sadly it was never a big thing in my part of the world.

The landing on the moon, one of the few 1960s events I would have loved to been a witness too.
But it is a shame they didn’t do this properly in the show.
In 1969, this happened around 4AM UK time.
To those who remembered it, being awake all night, staying up, there actually being something on TV so late, was a big part of the experience.
It is lovely to see that even watching the recording during the day time makes quite an impression on the people, imagine what it would have been like if they had really been awake for hours and watched it in a dark 1960s room.

Best thing about the episode was the time spend together by father and son, they both noticed it, they both realised how much fun it was and that in the modern era this sort of gets forgotten.
Very sad.

Next week, the 1970s.
Thought things couldn’t get any uglier?

I’m still looking forward to it.
The family is quite nice and they respond really well to the experience.





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