The Great Human Race, episode 3

Episode 3 of this fascinating show that tries to give us an insight into how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago.

I’m not to keen on the dark moody Hollywood voice we get all the time.
Maybe it’s an American thing.

Off to Ethiopia, where Homo Sapiens first appeared about 200.000 year ago.

They have also changed their outfit and somehow look a bit better now.
No more modern khaki shorts but actual leather outfits, but if they are authentic?
No, not quite.
We may not now exactly what they wore, but I’m sure that these outfits, and their rubber soles aren’t correct.

Loving the dangerous rock climbing with mist rolling in.
It is like being on a different planet.
Can you imagine what it was like for our ancestors?
Not even knowing why they suddenly couldn’t breath so well at high altitude, perhaps even thinking they were all getting sick, or were cursed.

You can almost feel the panic and fear or our ancestors trying to make a fire as the sun goes down.
Knowing what the night will be like without fire.

As difficult as life for our ancestors was, the two presenters remind us a few times that they have it harder than them.
Homo Sapiens living back them would have been used to that life, grown up with the knowledge they needed to survive and they knew their surroundings.
Further more, they would rarely travel as a couple.
Humans are herd animals, they would have probably been a group, making hard work a lot easier.

I already knew it but it remains impressive to hear that the sharp edge of Obsidian tools is sharper than anything else mankind has managed to create, it is between 300 and 500 times sharper than a surgical scalpel!
No wonder his fingers are covered in blood.
It may look simple, but flint tools making is such a sophisticated art.
More respect for our ancestors.

Time to go building and hunting with a composite spear, as much as I hate killing animals, I’d love to try hunting with these historic weapons.

Finding Bamboo is so great in a survival situation.
This all clearly shows how much the right location and luck had to do with some of our tribes flourishing and evolving and others simply vanishing in the mists of time.

Loving the tree house

There is the hunt.
Quite impressive!
He throws and hits, she jumps it, pulls it down and they cut its throat.
Dear me.
That death was pretty quick and the spear and obsidian tools work amazingly.
I’m going to make some myself.

Next week our participants move into the desert, my worst imaginable place on earth.




2 thoughts on “The Great Human Race, episode 3

  1. I can’t speak for Bill, but Cat typically makes her own shoes from materials she finds, none of which is leather. Additionally she is often barefoot in the series, which is quite true to her reality. Also, she typically makes her own clothing, tans her own leather etc.


    • Thank you for commenting.
      I think I’ve seen modern shoes or at least modern profile soles here and there, especially in the earlier episodes.
      The shoes in this 3rd episode already looked better.
      But I’ll keep an eye out for this detail!
      Either way, both presenters are very impressive in their knowledge, bravery and endurance.


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