10,000 BC, season 2, episode 9

Day 37
It’s only been a month.
The struggle for food continues, it never ends.
Which I think is quite representative of what life was like for our ancestors.
Autumn comes, survival becomes harder
The women find goats, well they have clearly been left behind by the production team.
Which is nice but also feels a bit like cheating.
One of the women is hysterical about the goats, silly girl.
Goats are fantastic, not to kill (right away) but for milk, butter, cheese, etc.
The best thing to do is keep them as long as you can.
They are cheap to maintain, they are not fussy eaters and if things go bad you can always decide to kill one.
Till that moment, you use them.
This is how our ancestors discovered farming and took another step forward in our history.
It annoys me that some of the women seem to want to save the goats because of emotional reasons.
But it also annoys me that some of the people only care about killing them for food, not looking beyond todays empty tummy.

More drama bout not everybody doing their bit, this part of the show reminds me too much of horrible shows like ‘Big Brother’.
All this talking and negotiating, it is tiresome and boring.
I think our ancestors were less democratic.
Most of these tribes would probably consist of a family where the elders would be in charge .

The bow the tribe is using is nice but not from 10.000 BC.
They should have been told to make their own, it can be done.

The hysterical ‘eeeek a goat, keep it away from me’ girl, is now saying how cute they are and that they may not be slaughtered.
I’m resisting the urge to slap the screen.
Then again, she shows some guts by conquering her ridiculous fear and getting used to them and even milks the goats.
So I withdraw the screen slap.

Now they are having a long meeting about what to do with the goats.
Something I reckon would not have happened 10.000BC.
And yes, the production crew has wimped out of using natural light again and clearly put a nice little lamp in the hut.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 21.44.22.png

More modern lights spotted, even the goats have a little lamp.
Goodness, imagine the horror of things being dark and the public not seeing everything and realising that without light life used to be quite dark..

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 21.47.41.png

Not sure why people are not willing to sleep in the goat’s hut.
Looks quite comfortable and warm.
But… well you have to make sure they don’t escape… and make better huts!
The goats have escaped!
Oh dear.

Autumn has arrived, rain everywhere.

The contestants are too individualistic, I think modern life is partially to blame for this.
Not that long ago and especially 10.000 BC, your life depended on being part of a team, a tribe and doing your bit.

Once more George shares his wisdom, besides being a thoroughly nice bloke he also seems to understand very well what is going on and why people are doing what they are doing.

A boar is a good victim for the hunters.
As lovely as they are, they are also pretty useless for anything else, from a human point of view.
The little piglets are just too cute though.
I’d have to be starving to kill one of those, I guess I’m a softy after all.

George is spilling the beans on Teri, who seems to have thought she’d be brought back to the hotel at night…
It sounds silly but it is not completely ridiculous.
I’ve heard inside stories from crew members how some shows like these cheat like you wouldn’t believe.
Don’t ask for details, I promised not to tell anyone.

George is the hero again, what a guy.

Food is running low, morale is going lower.
Still, this show seems less like a challenge than for instance ‘Naked & afraid’.

Suzanne, as difficult as she may be some times, is a leader who does actually do a lot, she works.
Jake is back, did he get bored of being a dad already?
He looks so clean compared to the rest, but I must say that compared to everyone, he looks a bit out of place with his soft clean skin.
Everyone else looks much better, tired, dirty and hungry or not.

Jake now he tries to oppose take over from Suzanne.
What an annoying, horrible man.
There he is, looking like a hipster with his clean skin, telling the leader who has worked so hard and done so much, that she is “not fun”.
He sounds like a spoiled 12 year old.
If this really was 10.000 BC, I’d have him used as bait during the hunt.

He’s been away for a week, had food, a bath, I hope the others see him now as an outsider and realise that she is a good leader even though they may not personally always like her or agree with her.
Would have been nice if they had had some sort of election and everybody voted for her.
I bet the little boy would have stamped his feet and ran home.



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