As a history junkie and consultant who has worked for museums, film and tv, I am truly addicted to so called ‘Historical Reality shows’.
The kind of tv shows were average people or celebrities are send to a historical location and told to live like our ancestors did.

I love all of these shows, even the bad ones.

But I can’t help picking out the mistakes and sharing how I would have done it, after all it is my job to avoid such mistakes.
Don’t get me wrong, even though I am very critical and pick on the tiniest mistakes, I love to be proven wrong.
So please, if you’ve worked on this show, a contestant or if you’re just a fellow history addict, let me know what you think and tell me when I’m wrong.
After all I can only judge a show based on what I see.

I also write my review as I am watching, that means I sometimes share thoughts that later are proven wrong or I change my mind about.

If you have some behind the scenes information you want to share about some of the things going on when the cameras are turned the other way, you’ll find a willing ear here.

If you think I am wrong about something or want to share your point of view, please also get in touch.
The opinion of someone who was actually involved with the project is a lot more interesting and important than mine and I’d love to publish your side of the story.

This blog has been created after I started reviewing such shows live on my private facebook page much to the enjoyment of my history minded friends, so I decided to create a place where I could collect them and started the ‘Historical reality television’ page on Facebook, please join us there as well as following this blog.

I try not to be too critical, but when I see obvious mistakes or things that, I think, could easily have been improved upon, I have to mention it.
Also having heard about what goes on behind the scenes in some reality shows may have made me a little (too cynical) regarding the reality aspect of what we see.
I apologize in advance if I may offend someone.



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